Sisters of Charity of Nevers
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1680, Anne Legeay, Marie Marchangy, Marcelline Pauper…some young women
from St. Saulge were the first to commit themselves to the service of the poor, in
the spirit of the Gospel as laid down by Jean-Baptiste DELAVEYNE.

1866, Bernadette Soubirous joined the
Congregation of the Sisters of Charity
of Nevers… Bernadette already
possessed a profound solidarity with the
poorest of the poor, since she had
personal experience of their plight.
However she was at the same time
convinced of the overwhelming love of God for all people.


Anne, Catherine, Marie, where do you find your inspiration today ?

Today, the Sisters of Charity of Nevers are to be found in four Continents - Africa, Asia, South America and Europe in areas defined by their poverty and social exclusion. Living in small communities among the underprivileged, they become risk takers with them in the defence of their fundamental rights….the right to education, to health, to be housed and to have work…

Ivory Coast,Today in the Ivory Coast, in Anyama, a small town close to Abidjan, thirty people, the majority of them women, attend the literacy centre opened by the Sisters in January 2010.  

In Tunisia
Following a number of developments since 1925 a community is now situated at the centre of Medina, in Tunis. The Sisters have a discrete presence in this Islamic country, where they bear witness to the gratuitous love of God, for all humanity. From day to day they experience the different aspects of cross-culture and interfaith dialogue.

  Each Sister, as well as the novices and postulants, has a specific commitment to young people, children in difficulty or the sick, in places such as a Hostel for Street Children, a primary school nearby or a health centre. They have a very good relationship with people in the neighbourhood and during this difficult post-war period the Sisters, simply by listening or offering support show concern for the dignity of each person. Top 
ASIA : Japan, In Japan the communities are established in the regions of Kyoto and Tokyo. The Sisters have various commitments. They work with disabled people, with associations that work for the rights of immigrants, in particular Filipino women. They are also involved in the pastoral care of sailors in the port of Kawasaki and in a health centre for homeless people in the centre of Tokyo. They work in a modest way with homeless people in the huge area of Kamagasaki in the city of Osaka. They are involved in literacy for immigrants and with support groups in the disaster-stricken areas of Sendai and Fukushima. 


Korea: In Seoul, the Sisters have various commitments. They are involved in an intercongregational centre, “Friends without Boundaries” who work with mixed marriage couples. They also work in hospitals which care for people without resources, with the elderly in a social centre and with Caritas in its humanitarian work.



In Chile
the communities are situated in the region of Santiago, in the “poblaciones”(deprived areas). The Sisters are involved with the most deprived people in their areas, with immigrants, with young people affected by drugs and alcoholism. They also do prison visitation and support numerous families suffering breakdown or the effects of violence,

Bolivia, on the high plains, the Sisters are close to the poorest of the poor and by their commitments work to ensure the dignity of each person. They opened a food centre for undernourished children. They collaborated in the founding of a centre for disabled children. They also provide guidance and therapy for abused children and adolescents. They work with others to make libraries available for children, do hospital visitation and give primary healthcare.

In our Rest Homes the Sisters share their life of retirement with the lay residents.
In Lourdes the Sisters welcome sick pilgrims and hospital staff as well as those who visit places associated with Bernadette, in particular the “Cachot” (formerly a prison cell) and the Oratory.



In different countries in Europe the communities are situated among the people in towns or adjacent areas. The Sisters are committed to those on the margins of society, to children, young people in difficulty, to migrants, to the disabled, to the homeless and to elderly people living in isolation. .

France, in Nevers, SAINT-GILDARD, Mother House of the Sisters of Charity of Nevers,and now thanks to Bernadette Soubirous an Espace Bernadette. There is a community at the service of pilgrims to welcome them from all parts of the world as they come to “visit” Bernadette.

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